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The Story of Stelly

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

On November 20th, I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw that the animal shelter PALS was participating in something our town does called Jolly Holiday. They had posted that for the event, they would have some pets up for adoption at the local groomer, Happy Tails. I saw a picture of this dog named Kelly, and immediately messaged a friend I know that volunteers there.

I had to meet her. I was able to get there the next day, somehow she had not been adopted yet. I learned she was a 10 year old Bichon mix, and was surrendered by her owner who was moving into assisted living. She had a skin infection that had taken over her back legs and tail, matted hair that needed to be shaved, a skin allergy, and her collar was embedded into her neck. The volunteers and vets said she was rough. She had been with a foster a little over a month to help her get to the adoptable stage.

I was sitting with her to see if we were a match, she was so sweet and was nervous about being somewhere new. I had been thinking about getting a dog but I haven't raised one from a puppy in a long time and was unsure if I had the time and patience to train a puppy. I thought, this was perfect, I can adopt an older dog to see if I'm a good pupper parent before making the commitment. Ya know, responsibility. As I was sitting with her, another woman came in asking about her, and I instantly panicked. What if someone else took her? I grabbed an adoption form and quickly filled it out.

On November 21st, she came home with me. I obviously had not prepared and had to get all the dog things, which I had a lot of fun picking out her harness, leash, and her 8,492 sweaters. Her name had been Kelly her whole life, and I didn't love it, but also didn't want her to be confused, so I mixed her name with the name I liked, Stella, and we got Stelly.

As she is a mix, I've been trying to figure out what other breeds she may be. She's almost a medium sized dog, where bichons are smaller. She has a longer body, thick little legs, her tail does not curve, and a funny little gold spot on her butt. I'm convinced she is a bichon-corgi mix, and someday I will get her a doggy DNA test and update you all!

She still has a skin allergy, and needs baths regularly to help with itching and inflammation. She gets irritated by nylon collars if they are left on, so I solved that real quick by getting her a soft bandana for inside, if she's not wearing one of her many sweaters. I think she really loves it here. She loves her cat brothers, her goose stuffed animal, and walks! I'm happy to help her allergies and take her on all the walks (it does keep me exercising) if she gets to live out her life in a home full of love. :)

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