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Shein Swim!

I know I'm not alone in being completely fed up with Winter. Although my next giveaway on Instagram will be Summer themed, I thought I would do a blog on some cheaper swim to hopefully warm the soul a little bit (LOL).

Here are a few pieces that are fun and different, then I will post some I just purchased, and some I bought in the past. :)

This first one gives off floral vibes, but without being big and bulky, and have a more subtle shape for those who aren't huge floral fans. Only $12, it comes as a set, so remember that if you are bigger on top or on bottom. The reviews say true to size, but if you are not comfortable buying without choosing the size of top and bottom, scroll down and perhaps the suit has been split for individual sales.

Next is a cute snakeskin print set of THREE! A bandeau top, higher rise bottoms, and a tie skirt. It comes in pink, purple, or blue. Some of the reviews I've read do say that the top was loose, but depending on your body type, read the reviews and make the decision for the size based on your preference. $18 for all three pieces!

This one is on the opposite side of the swim spectrum unless you're a surfer. I thought this was a cute transition piece in the sense that you could swim in it in colder waters then later on when the sun goes down put on a pair of jeans or shorts and it's a bodysuit. Boom. The reviews on it are great, even though there aren't very many. I'm debating on adding this myself! For $15 this could work as a couple (or more) different outfits.

This one is definitely a classy "sitting next to the pool" type of suit. Of course you can swim in it, but it's the perfect beach walk style with a sheer swim cardi and a beach hat. Has class vibes. The only reason it is not in my cart is because when I put on a swimsuit, I'm swimming in it or tanning, I'm never at a beach brunch. This is a great vacation piece! $14 and sold as a set, definitely read the reviews on the fit so you can determine which size will work for you for top and bottom.

Now for the suits in my cart! I have read the reviews and some are still the size I chose to see if it will fit, and all suits are final sale, just so you know! The nice thing is that the suits are so affordable, if they do not work you're only out a handful of dollars.

I'm excited for this one, it's along the lines of the last one I listed, it's in the classy group for me. But I think I can do more with this one. As a one piece, the reviews said it is a little tricky to get into, but once it's on it's very cute. I like the cut outs on the side, and am intrigued on how it will look on as it seems the middle tie will give a flattering silhouette. I purchased a Medium and it's only $13! Does come in 2 other colors!

This one is a two piece sold as a set with a ribbed texture. I had been looking for a good yellow swimsuit for a couple years that isn't too gold, isn't too mustard colored, but is a light almost pastel color. I am curious to see if the color is true to the site. Reviews had a few that said the top was smaller, I feel like triangles fit smaller chests better than larger chests but the reviews here say that even for smalls, the top runs a little smaller. If you're like me you think that's perfect for getting a medium bottom. LOL. I got a medium and only $12!

Another two piece and a bandeau top, it's also a ribbed texture but I love the dark seafoam color and the sewn pattern on the top. I do not love bandeau tops, I like having straps as an option so it will be a change to have. It's also a high wasted bottom if you see a pattern on my purchased list. No shame. Reviews are slightly mixed, some say things are a little loose, and some say the top is tighter. I wish I could size down to a small in that case for the top but these thighs don't fit into small bottoms. I will keep you updated! I got Mediums and it's $12!

Here is a one piece I cannot wait for. I love the colorblock, and the neutral colors. It does come in other colors but these are my colors of the year. I bought one from Shein similar to this last year that I will list below that I loved so I was all over this one. The majority of reviews are good, and some very helpful ones for if you are taller or have a longer torso. I got a Medium to follow the one from last year and it's $13!

Swimsuits I purchased last year! Out of these there is only one that I have not worn, but it's only because I rarely went to the lake last year, or went on vacation. I have worn the others more than once so I will show you what I got and what I thought about them!

This snakeskin suit was beautiful to me. I loved how strappy it was but not super scandalous, and a one piece which I did not have any at the time and wanted to brand out a little. This is the one I have not worn and I am waiting for the day (or vacation) I can wear it. It was only $12 but is sold out so I will not link it but want you to see what it looked like. When I put it on I thought it fit really well and although tricky to get on, it seems that is normal with strappy suits.

This swimsuit was my color of the year last year. I can't tell you how many tanks, shirts, color schemes I went with if they were in this color. This was true to size. This wasn't skin tight and gave me more of an athletic feel. The top was more of a sports bra and the bottoms were comfortable. This suit in this color is also sold out now but there are a bunch of suits still on the site that are similar with the tank style top and I will link the same suit in a green color to show but this photo is of the one from last year. Was $12 and I got a Medium.

This was actually the first item I had added to my cart last year because I had a few black bottoms from bikini style to high rise and wanted some different tops to interchange. I obviously had a thing for black and white snakeskin last year (this year it's pink). I loved that I was able to get a top by itself because I am significantly smaller on top than I am on bottom and the year before I did not see any tops alone and had messed up my first order and got a suit that was too small. This was only $6 and I had gotten a Medium. I linked similar ones as this is sold out as well. Bonus the one I linked is two tops!,RJ_NoFaultTolerant~~Customers%20Also%20Viewed~~SPcProductDetailCustomersAlsoViewedList~~0~~0

This last one was the one piece I was the most happy with! I had bought it solely for Fourth of July and had planned to wear it with my overall cutoffs that I've had for 5 years (I am a low key clothes hoarder) Not only did I wear the suit for the holiday, I ended up wearing it a couple more times when I didn't feel like a two piece or wasn't too concerned about the tan lines. The white surprisingly was not see through and it did have padding. The nice thing is after buying years of swim suits us ladies have a plethora of triangle and round pads to interchange. It fit perfectly which is why I jumped at the similar one above. I purchased a Medium but you guessed it, sold out. But luckily there is a similar one above!

I hope this was helpful! Remember on this site there are also swim coverups and pants and whole outfits, and not to forget just about everything else is on this site! If you have any questions on things feel free to ask I will help however I can! If any of these links do not work let me know that as well! Happy shopping!

Photos are from the SHEIN website.

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