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Shein Haul

The other day on my Instagram stories, I shared a few items I had gotten from Shein. I've gotten many items from them over the last few years but as the prices are very affordable, sometimes the quality isn't the greatest, or the sizing isn't accurate. To all I have mentioned the clothes I get from them, I always advise to read the reviews so the right size is purchased, and the quality of the item is clear.

Usually what I get from Shein is summer dresses, they are light and thinner, so where others may say the quality is poor, those are what I am looking for to wear in the warmer weeks. Also, where the prices are low, in the case that a thinner piece wears out or rips, there is not as much of a loss.

In the last haul I purchased from Shein, I had gotten a faux leather skirt to go with a white ribbed long sleeve shirt with a mock neck. Ideally I had gotten the shirt to go with anything, but I loved the neutral look of the two together. The skirt was $21 and the shirt was $8. I got a medium in the shirt to give a little room since it's fitted, and it fits well. I ordered a medium in the skirt, but I should have gotten a small.



I also got a couple dresses, one is a very summery mustard colored dress I'm hoping I have the chance to wear this year. I like the flowy nature and that it is not form fitted throughout. I also like the A-line of the dress, I have an athletics build so the form gives the look of more curves. I got a small in both dresses! And both were $20!

Mustard Dress:

Cream Dress:

My other weakness is sweaters. I lost count how many sweaters I have bought from Shein, and I can't think of one I did not get many wears out of. I love neutrals lately, so I bought a cream colored sweater with more dimension than the popular oversized type, so I wouldn't have to tuck in the front, and it would look great with high rise denim as well as mid rise flares. Only $21! I got a medium and it's great!


I also added a jumpsuit to my cart, I have wanted one for a long time, but with a short torso and long legs there was always something that I did not think looked right. Jumpsuits are something I would have to try on first and would not want to buy unless I loved it. So when this one was only $12 I took the plunge, and I'm not mad! I got a medium, and it fits better than I expected! The top has a little more room than I'd hoped but nothing I can do about that ;) luckily it has adjustable straps.


Last but not least, lounge sets! I love comfy clothes I can wear if I'm working at home, and the monotone of them is super appealing to my OCD brain. I just couldn't justify spending $40 for a set that I didn't love, and I have enough old sweatpants from high school track meets still that I could save the money (They are very chic HS sweats LOL) The one set I got is a tank and pant set, and the tank is very form fitting, a larger chest or looser fit would suggest sizing up. The pants though, are very loose and stretchy and could permit actually sizing down. Unfortunately, they come as a set, so keep in mind how the top will fit and go with that. The second set, is equally sized, and my favorite, waffle knit! They are loose fitting, and can order true to size for a generally oversized fit. If looking for less room, size down.

Tank/Pant Set:

Waffle Knit Set:

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