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Items For a Cozy Valentine's Night In.

With Covid still poking about, not to mention the weather is super unpredictable (in Iowa anyway) some couples and singlets may be skipping going out for valentines day. If you're doing something casual or deciding to stay in, here's a few items to give off the V-Day vibe without breaking the bank.

Start off wearing these pajamas the night before (Saturday) so you wake up in the mood for a day full of love. If you're not a love person, or pink, I'm sure these also come in black if you're more into the sexy V-Day vibes instead of the cute vibes. These are $18.99 which is cheaper than Target, and also are a little silky.

Hop in the shower to get ready for the day, or even a bath if you're feeling like a self-care Sunday! Use this scrub to exfoliate but also to heal. I have a Himalayan Pink Epsom Salt I use that is amazing, but this will do the same trick. It's $13.95 for 12 oz and it boasts help for sore muscles, acne, and cellulite.

Velvet is so in, right? Put these on after the bath/shower and look cute while feeling comfortable. These also come in a darker muave color. If you're like me and keep your house a little colder to save on the bill, can swap out some joggers or just put a robe over the whole set. These are $21.99 which I think is a good price for a set.

If you're the kinda gal that likes long sleeves with shorts, grab this waffle knit top to lounge around and stay warm. Need to go get a coffee or the mail? Put on a pair of leggings or jeans and look like the outfit was planned. Dress it up like the photo with some jewelry and no one will know the difference. This one comes is many different colors as well. $21.98!

This sweater is also a great option if you will be out and about doing Sunday town things. Heck, wear it any day of the week! The subtle heart knitting makes this a casual look but still staying true to the holiday. At $39.98 this sweater is a little higher, but if you want to justify the price but don't want to only wear this mid-February, it does come in other neutral colors if you do not like red. Stars are coming back, why not hearts too.

I've been eyeing this bottle for awhile. I am drinking more water than I used to, but not nearly the amount I should. This 64oz bottle may look intimidating in hand at the amount of water you will have to drink, but the motivational sayings on the side with the time you need to drink the water by, it keeps you accountable. Don't like the non-taste taste of water? Throw in some lemon slices, strawberries, kiwi, lime, or orange to add a little flavor. Comes in many colors for $20.99

While you're at it getting water in your new bottle, maybe it's time to clean the make-up brushes. This mat has different textures to clean the bristles of the brushes, without causing damage to them. It has a suction cup on the back for the sink or counter, and fits in your hand for easy handling. Made of silicone to help prevent bacteria from growing. $5.99 but the black or teal is a dollar cheaper!

These individual blender bottles have become increasingly popular this last year! If you're hungry but do not want to cook or throw anything together just grab this and a few ingredients and mix it while you sit on the couch! No cords and is rechargeable! The other nice thing is the blades work for blending and cleaning. After use run some water and soap and push the button, then rinse. Easy! Currently on sale for $16.88, normally $22!

Decide to go on a date after all? This flattering sweater dress will work for a casual sit in diner, or a restaurant worth reserving seats for! The cowl neck is loose so doesn't feel like you need to turn your whole body to look to the side. Ribbed material, and awkward sizing options, definitely read the reviews from others on what sizing worked for them. Reviews are our friends! Normally $45.00 this is on sale for $33.00! There are many many colors, and the prices range, some as low as $19, but all are on sale if you do not like red.

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