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How I Got Into My Side Hustles

Everyone wants to make more money, and if you are unable to quit your job or there are no better options out there in your area, that might mean getting a second job.

Back in 2018, my "roommate" moved out, and I was worried if I would be able to pay all the bills myself, so I was looking into getting a part time job. Soon after someone else at the company I worked for was looking for help at his horse barn. I've always loved horses and thought this was perfect. I started at 4 days a week after my full time job, but that was too much so I went to 2 days a week. I still work there, but I do not get there as often as I'd like, though I need horse therapy whenever I can get it!

Then in January of 2020, there was an unexpected life change. I began working at the barn 4 days a week again and to gain some extra money, I bought a camera and got into photography. I've always been creative and artistic and really enjoy a great photo and thought this is something I can do. I took it to the barn and practiced on all the horses, and they hated it, which led to some cool galloping photos. Of course when I bought the camera I just used the given modes: landscape, sports, profile. Those worked great until I started taking photos of people in different weather conditions. I quickly realized I needed to do a little more with manual mode and ISO and shutter speed. As I've been learning the camera I'm also learning that confidence is essential. It's important to be confident in your abilities with the camera, directing poses, editing, and making the whole experience run smoothly. There were times I was not confident that the photos would be clear and that made me nervous and apprehensive. My advice would be to research cameras and learn how to use each mode and practice, practice, practice.

A couple months after I bought my camera, I started painting. I experimented with acrylic paints and

what is called "pour painting". I loved it because it was more messy, and I could get it done in a day and see the results. I began doing small canvases and got larger as I learned what worked and which methods made more dimensional paintings. I revamped an old art Facebook into my photography and painting page and did a giveaway to bring more attention to it. I sold paintings I'd done as experiments and was approached to do my first commissioned piece. I have sold 14 paintings of all sizes and colors after that. Since moving I have not created any new pieces but once it warms up now that I have more space I'm hoping to do new things and get going again!

My newest side hustle, is merging into social media marketing. Since getting a job in marketing I'm finding that I love doing it and I would love to branch out into more things like graphic design and advertising to go along with my current job, but also on social media. It's tough, and does not happen overnight, but I'm stubborn and think if I stay consistent it will pay off! Currently my biggest struggle is followers and engagement, and the fact that a huge part of social media marketing is buying merchandise and reviewing it, so I have way more clothes than I have room for, and I do not get to wear a lot of it (unless it's loungewear) due to wearing polos the majority of the time for work. That being said, I've also set up a Poshmark account to sell the clothes that I do not really wear, or the ones I bought and do not fit, or aren't my style.

To sum it all up I have my full time job in marketing, my (less than) part time job at the barn, photography, painting, social media marketing, and Poshmark. Oh and classes for going back to school in marketing. I figure if I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it BIG.

photos by Mallery Adkins

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