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Meet Mallery

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Welcome! My name is Mallery Adkins and I am a happy parent to 2 cats and 1 dog, just bought my first home, recently hit the last year in my twenties, and have lots to say!

I am a marketing representative for a cleaning and restoration company. It sounds less than appealing, but I reassure you, the perks are great. Like I mentioned above, I just bought my first home only 6 weeks ago! I literally moved up the street from where I was living in a duplex. I also recently turned 29 just before Halloween, which happens to be my favorite holiday (no hate from the Christmas lovers!)

Blogging has come up as an interest for me multiple times over the years but always thought, "Self, you have lots to say, but do people really care to know what that is?" I've come to the conclusion that if people do not care, they do not have to read my blogs. That was settled.

I hope this will grow and expand as I have lots of interests, a few hobbies, and many tastes. I hope you enjoy following along as I navigate this new adventure!

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