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Clara wakes up to find herself on her sofa with no nutcracker. No one believes what she says about the Nutcracker being a king, but her aunt comes in with a friend: Eric. He gives Clara her locket, and they dance. Grandfather Drosselmayer reluctantly allows Clara to travel with Aunt Elizabeth. Barbie finishes the story, and Kelly is finally able to perform the ballet steps perfectly.

Barbie In The Nutcracker

None of Eric's people realized that Eric had become a nutcracker, but Clara soon realized it. Although he told her that by looking for the princess of Sugar Plum, and with her help, the end of the evil rule of the cunning Mouse King, this is the way he redeemed himself. He felt that the Sugar Plum Princess was the only way to restore the happiness of his kingdom ("I owe them," he told Clara). When Clara kissed him while being hurt by Mouse King, and Mouse King was said to have been defeated, she eventually becoming the Sugar Plum Princess, which turned the Nutcracker, Parthenia, and the Parthenian locals back to normal just like Mouse King likes it.

Based on The Nutcracker, this Direct to Video film stars Barbie as Clara. After being shrunk by the evil Mouse King, Clara joins forces with a living nutcracker and journeys to the magical land of Parthenia. Together, they search for the Sugarplum Princess, the only being powerful enough to break the Mouse King's spells and end his tyrannical reign.

The Mouse King (before he became a king, of course) was the royal advisor to Prince Eric's father. When the King died, he left his magic sceptre to the Mouse until his son was fit to rule. Unfortunately, the Mouse took a liking to his new status and turned the Prince into a nutcracker. 041b061a72


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