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Progresso Soup Easy Chicken Pot Pie Recipe REPACK

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progresso soup easy chicken pot pie recipe

You only need five ingredients (unless you want to add a few spices to jazz it up a little bit more) and takes minutes to prepare thanks to the help of that canned soup. To thicken the soup for a more authentic chicken pot pie interior, I added a little cornstarch. Then I covered it in an almond flour crust for some extra protein.

When you realize how easy this is to make and that you can have a comforting chicken pot pie with just a teeny tiny amount of effort and no weird ingredients, you might start stocking up on this soup like I do.

Now that the holidays are over and the new year is beginning, I have been searching for family meals that are both easy to make and also on the lighter side. This way we can start getting healthier and slimmer in the new year. The easy part is just as important because I would rather spend time with my family than work in the kitchen for hours. So I created and easy chicken pot pie recipe that is perfect for busy nights.

Have you wondered what exactly chicken pot pie is? As I was making this recipe, I wondered it too. At its core, chicken pot pie is a creamy chicken soup with a crust or breading of some kind. If you want to be traditional, it should have a flaky crust, like a pie. But there are a ton of variations too.

Hi Natasha. This is a great recipe. Instead of biscuits I take puff pastry sheets, roll them slightly and bake. Served on top of the soup is fantastic! I do the same thing with a beef in red wine sauce.

Really delicious soup! My hubby made it tonight. We only had half and half and he subbed a mixture he had of parsley, oregano and basil on hand for the parsley. Turned out great. Your recipes are our go to for trying new dishes. Thank you!

Made this for dinner tonight and it was a hit!! For protein, I set aside 2 cups of the broth and used it to cook frozen chicken in the instant pot, then shredded and added all of that back to the soup pot. Due to allergies/preferences, skipped the mushrooms and corn and used gluten free flour. It came out perfect! Will re-make.

I cannot get over how amazing this soup is!! So so yummy and perfect on this cold winter day. I made it exactly as the recipe called for except left out the mushrooms. I will definitely make this again! Thank you! Mmmm ?

I was in the hospital once and they served us a chicken pot pie, but they put the insides of the chicken pot pie on a plate/bowl and then they took a lengthwise slice of puff pastry and bake that and laid it on top of the filling. Do you think that would work on your chicken pot pie soup or your chicken pot pie filling for your recipe for chicken pot pie.

I made this yesterday on a cold day. It was so hardy and satisfying. Served a salad with it and it was a perfect meal. Will add it to my favorite recipes. Will also pass it on to my friends to try. Thanks for a delicious alternative to traditional chicken noodle soup

Wow! I made this fantastic soup tonight and it was a hit. Actually, my husband waited to have his second bowl before he announced to me that this is the best soup I have ever made! I ended up using eight cups of chicken stock instead of six but only because that was the amount in the containers I opened. Also, because of family preferences and missing ingredients, I only used half an onion and then garlic powder in place of garliccloves. I also made the Fluffy Homemade Biscuits and they were a great compliment to this soup. Truly a delicious recipe!

I have made this soup 3 times now, it is awesome. Everyone loves it. I used frozen carrots and green beans this time, saved lots of time chopping, and it turned out great. I also added a few tablespoons of chicken bullion instead of salt.

Delicious! Made this the other night for the family and, as an amateur-ish cook the direction were concise, easy to follow, and simple! But most importantly, it was so flavorful and warm and comforting! Great recipe, over all! ?I think next time I would add less Parsley, but thats to personal preference. I ended up adding some more milk in at the end to, like the recipe said I could, as I made it a little too thick- but overall it turned out great!

I had several chicken breasts left from a curry chicken dish that went wrong(just too salty) and looked for a way to use the chicken. This turned out to be the perfect recipe. I left out the salt and used a reduced sodium chicken broth and it turned out delicious! The recipe was quick and easy. I definitely will be making this again!

My changesI roasted my chicken breast with garlic seasoning and Skipped to step 2. I used 6 garlic cloves. I use Tones Chicken Base in place of chicken stock. I substitute it and beef base for all my soups that call for stock. I used frozen peas instead of green beans. And I used red wine vinegar instead of white.

I made this today! It is absolutely delicious! I love the addition of the vinegar. I always add some vinegar when I serve my chicken pot pie. It intensifies the flavors. This is perfect and will be my new go to soup. KUDOS!

Made this tonight and it was a big hit! Pretty much followed the recipe except I used soup starter (pre diced onions, celery & carrots) and used a small bag of frozen mixed veggies. Also added a bit of crushed red pepper flakes just because we like things a little on the spicy side.

I made this yesterday using two rotisserie chickens I got from Wegmans. I took all the meat off, put the bones skins an onion, chili pepper, carrot, and a long boil (red wine vinegar as acid) made some bone broth. I then followed your recipe (just used peas instead) and the results were fantastic. Great recipe.

This is DELISH! Though (and I hate it when people do this) I made it into a slow cooker recipe, taking directions from other slow cooker soups from this site. The broth, garlic, poultry seasoning, s&p, onion and bay leaf were all exact to the recipe. I added about 5 red potatoes diced up, and I used frozen, shredded rotisserie chicken from Costco (it comes in a large vacuum pack and I separate it into freezer bags) and threw the frozen cooked chicken right in there. I used frozen mixed veggies towards the end, along with some corn starch slurry, the white wine vinegar, and the heavy cream (which I just eye balled, it was probably more like 3/4 cup or more). It turned out SO good! Cooked on low for 6-7 hours. I made with the Mile High Biscuits and they were amazing. YUM!!

Holy wow this soup was awesome! Absolutely perfect on a cold and snowy upstate ny night. The broth was so so good. My husband actually left all the other stuff in his bowl and drank it all first. This recipe is definitely a keeper and will become a staple. Thank you!

I made this and absolutely loved it. Everything was easy and perfect! I doubled the recipe yesterday and was not disappointed! I was unable to make the biscuits, but I bought KFC biscuits and it still tasted great! Huge fan and I loved making it for more people the other day!

I believe you could freeze this recipe by omitting the heavy cream during the initial cooking. Then when defrosted & reheated, add the cream to finish off the recipe as written. You may need to add additional stock in order to thin the soup to obtain the desired consistency.

Emmet has been begging for chicken noodle soup and so I added it to my Walmart list last week. He was so excited when he spotted several cans of Progresso Chicken & Homestyle Noodles Soup. It is his favorite, even over my homemade soup! I had to make it for him immediately.

Progressive Chicken & Homestyle Noodles Soup is packed with flavor and quality ingredients including antibiotic free, all white meat chicken. I will definitely be trying this recipe with some of our other Progressive Soup favorites and you can look for hearty and delicious Progressive Chicken & Homestyle Noodles Soup at Walmart!

I love Progresso Soups because not only are they delicious but there are so many varieties and flavors!! They have classic flavors, newer flavors, gluten free, light soups, vegetarian soups, low sodium ones and even organic soups. All their chicken is raised with no antibiotics or hormones, their soups contain no added MSG and no artificial colors or flavorings. I mean they have everything you could ever want!

I just whip up a simple homemade cream of chicken base, add in some frozen vegetables and Progresso Chicken and Wild Rice soup, add in an incredible topping of baking mix and milk, and 25 minutes later I have a delicious meal ready to go!

I love how easy Progresso Soup makes this recipe. In just a few minutes I can have this in the oven baking and filling my house with a mouthwatering warmth, and I always have all the ingredients on hand!

So as the air starts getting chilly and you start craving those comforting meals just make sure you head to Walmart and stock up on Progresso Soups. Not only are they delicious as a soup but they make incredible recipes too!

If you like this recipe for Easy Broccoli Rice Casserole, you'll also want to check out my easy Chicken Pot Pie (also starring Progresso Soup), Broccoli Cheddar Twice Baked Potatoes and these cheesy delicious Gruyere Scalloped Potatoes.

Instead of making the pot pies in messy ramekins or in a cupcake tray, this simple recipe calls for you to bake pre-prepared biscuits for little-to-no cleanup. All you need is a pan to cook the umami-rich mushrooms, lean chicken, and mixed vegetables. Best of all, it uses cans of Cream of Chicken and Mushroom soup to cut some of the leg-work of making gravy from scratch.

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