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like lmdb, motodata2012torrent provides access to a year's worth of torrent data. it is built in a way that makes it possible to run the database on a laptop computer for long periods of time without causing undue stress on the os. it is designed to be run on a server, however, and should not be run on a laptop unless you are willing to risk losing your data. it is also considerably slower than lmdb because of that.


the actual data storage is contained in this module contains all of the logic which controls the database itself. you should never directly use it. however, it is used to create an lmdb database, which is then used by the motodata module. the lmdb database is an interface to the real data store, which is contained in motodata2012torrent.db. the latter is a .gzip archive of the raw data.

the file motodata2012torrent.db is an archive of all of the torrent data for the year 2012. the data is stored in a format which makes it easy to find specific pieces of information without having to search through thousands of records. the archive contains several sub-archives which are arranged in a way which makes it easy to find specific files.

the archive is a .gzip archive, which makes it easy to download the data. as long as you're not planning to do any archiving yourself, you can just download the archive using a web browser. just point the browser to motodata2012torrent.db.gz.

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