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Talking Tom Gold Run: Run, Jump and Slide with Your Favorite Characters

Talking Tom Gold Run is a runner based game published and developed by Outfit7 for Apple iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Phone. The game enables users to run indefinitely in diverse sequences of pre-ordained segments of running with characters like Talking Tom. In the game, players must shout "STOP THIEF!" because they've just been pick pocketed! Enter this limitless running game as talking Angela or Talking Tom to relentlessly pursue the thief and reclaim your precious metal!

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Uncover a new world, varying running styles and snatch energy boosts on the run. Eventually the endless pursuits will pay dividends - you can construct a dream home of your own for Tom or Angela from the very foundations up... During the running sequence, players can pick up bars of gold that can be later used for the purpose of upgrading the buildings or purchasing vaults. Players can also grab boosters that permit them to obtain extra bars of gold, doubling their score tallies, flying straight over obstacles and otherwise boosting performance levels in the sequential runner game. With each and every step a player takes in the running game, the score tally is duly increased. From time to time, players encounter a checkpoint where they receive extra bonuses and rewards. In case you crash into an obstacle, you have the option to continue running by paying with dynamite.

This application is certified by PRIVO. The safe harbor PRIVO (Privacy Vaults Online) seal indicates that publishers Outfit7 are using Children's Online Privacy Act compliant privacy settings to protect the personal information of children. Talking Tom apps do not permit juveniles to disclose their private, personal information. The Talking Tom Gold Run application features the possibilities of competing and connecting with friends on social networks, and the opportunity to complete in game purchases (with the adult bill payer's permission). As an alternative to in app purchases using real money, the full range of functions can be accessed by amassing rewards like gold bricks in the process of playing. There is product placement of developer Outfit7's contextual and product advertising, and integrated links to Outfit 7's other characters embedded in the game. In addition, links are embedded that will serve to point customers to other Outfit7 games and online products.

Hours of endless fun are to be had as players chase after the robbers to recover gold bullion and construct the home of a talking cat's dreams! You can unlock strange new worlds with different running techniques and enjoy endless monetary and non monetary rewards.

Talking Tom Gold Run MOD money - Funny rainer, with already known heroes Talking Tom and Talking Angela. One day, unsuspecting Tom saw a car overturn and a pile of gold spill out, Tom realized it was a real robber and chased him. Help Tom and Angela catch the robber and get the gold back. Tom and Angela's new friends will also be waiting for you in the game!

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Run as fast as you can, unlock new locations, and catch up with the raccoon thief. During the race you can use different "boosters", which will help you quickly pass the distance and collect as much gold as possible. Collect gold and rebuild the houses of our main characters. In pursuit of the thief, face a raccoon boss in battle, teach him a lesson and get your loot. The game also has missions available for which you can get extra bonuses, each mission is completed during the run. Get your friends Tom and Angela, you'll need them to overpower the thief. And for more results, use the internal store, buy boosters and catch the thief as soon as possible!

Outfit7 scored a huge hit with its interactive character Talking Tom and Friends, getting more than 4.5 billion downloads across a variety of mobile devices. Famous for distorting voices, Tom is one of the best-known mobile game characters around the globe, and his game has more than 250 million monthly active users.

With the new game, Outfit7 wants to immerse players in a way that goes above and beyond the routine of a runner mechanic game by giving players a reason to run. It has fancy graphics, pretty worlds, boosters, and incentives for players to keep running through the story.

Talking Tom Gold Run Mod Apk:The Talking Tom has been a very well-known game for android and iOS users which further led to the launch of many similar games. After so many variations in the characters and the game plays, a new game is released which is known as the Talking Tom Gold Run Mod Apk. In this game, your favorite talking tom would be running the endless race and collecting different stuff such as coins and many other rewards in its way. This game is similar to the subway surfers and temple run in which the character runs an endless race. In term of graphics, and all the other features this game is really promising and too much entertaining. Moreover, it is the mod version of the game which would provide the countless assets. This game is valuable for both children and adults. Let's have a look at the whole description of this game in which the real magic lies.

No, the Google Play Store and Apple App Store both do not contain the mod versions of the games.Q. Is this game compatible with the Android devices?It is designed for the android devices and androids of 4.1 and higher can get this game downloaded and run easily. 3.9 / 5 ( 550 votes )Recommended for YouTekken 3 Pro Apk

See how far you can run while collecting as much gold as possible in this action packed online game. Avoid any of the obstacles as you try to keep your 3 lives for as long as possible. Keep running forward and grabbing the gold so that you can unlock cool new items in the shop. No need to download, play for free online here on Lagged.

Between on-going advertising, a link to a YouTube channel for the franchise's characters, and the fact that this is all about gold, consumerism is quite high. Kids are exposed to some full-screen advertising, as well as the chance to watch advertising videos to earn in-game cash. In-app purchases aid progress and don't have a parent gate.

Parents need to know that Talking Tom Gold Run is an endless-runner game in a style similar to Temple Run or Subway Surfers. It's based on the characters from the Talking Tom Cat and Talking Angela apps. While the game itself isn't all that violent, characters do run into moving vehicles and other obstacles and fall down or smash into the screen. Since the goal is to run as long as you can, kids who prefer a winning ending may be frustrated, and the frenetic speed may be too much for some kids. It's also laden with advertising in the form of pop-up videos, voluntary videos to earn in-game currency, and YouTube videos promoting the characters. When starting, the game asks for a birth year, which can't be changed. Players who are age 13 and under are restricted from connecting to social media sites via the app and Game Center, and they're also blocked from seeing interest-based ads. Younger players will still receive age-appropriate advertising via pop-up displays as an option to earn in-game items and currency, though making an in-game purchase will remove pop-up ads. Despite the "age gate," there are no in-app blocks or gates for purchases or downloads. Read the app's privacy policy to find out about the types of information collected and shared.

Talking Tom has been robbed, so he sets out in pursuit of his robber in TALKING TOM GOLD RUN. The robber flees, dropping gold as he goes. Players must collect gold by following the robber's path, swiping to dodge left and right or to crouch or jump. Hit an obstacle, and the round is over. Players can earn power-ups that double gold, or collect nearby gold bars. The power-ups and gold slowly amass through regular play and through special unlockable vaults, or players can purchase them for real money. Once a player has enough gold and diamonds, they can upgrade the character's possessions, and upgrading them fully unlocks the next level and a new character. Levels include Tom's House, Angela's House, Hank's Home, Ginger's Forest Fun, Ben's Adventure, Tom's Snow Ride, and Angela's Night Out. Players can earn additional in-game cash and items by watching ads and videos. The age gate enabled at the beginning of the game limits ads served to kids but doesn't eliminate them.

Though this endless runner is relatively amusing and challenging, the abundance of ads and in-app purchases steals some of the fun. The game is fast-paced and frantic, and some kids may not have the patience or desire to run over and over again only to watch Tom crash headlong into an oncoming bus. But, since the games are typically short, it's an easy way to kill a few minutes here or there when there isn't time for something more in-depth. The in-game advertising and self-promotion feel heavy-handed, and an ever-present link to the animated characters' YouTube channel is a bit much. Luckily, ths is a casual-enough game that kids will feel less pressure to buy, and the game can progress (albeit slowly) without any purchases if you have the patience. If you can get past all the ad-watching to get currency, it's a mildly fun ride, but parents may want to talk through the ads and their rules around purchases and downloads before turning kids loose.

Tom Gold Run Apk is a great game in which you will be joining Tom in his marvelous adventure. Tom will be running after a Thief who has escaped with a bag of gold. As he continues to race in the game, the thief also keeps on dropping the gold bars on the way.You have to catch the thief and also the gold as he is dropping and collecting it for various purposes in your game.

You can use the gold for doing various upgrades and also for building a home for Tom in which he can peacefully live. You have to catch the very criminal thief and make sure that he gets his punishment. You can enjoy the very cute and super attractive gameplay of your favorite character Tom. You will be completing lots of challenges in order to earn rewards and increase your achievements. You can also customize your characters to make them look even more beautiful.

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