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A tempter demon spotted Castiel and made a move to attack the angel. Castiel is saved from the Tempter Demon by an alternate reality version of Bobby Singer who killed the demon with a shotgun loaded with angel-killing bullets.


While traveling through the Apocalypse World Mary Winchester and Lucifer meet the Apocalypse World's version of Michael. In the background of this scene several dead bodies are seen. One of these dead bodies was the corpse of a tempter demon.

A tempter is defined by their ability to seduce and manipulate others carnal desires; and are relentless in their quest for either a good night in bed or someone's wealth. They often are proud of themselves and their achievements, seeing past partners as more trophies than beings.

c. 1200, of the devil, flesh, etc., "draw or entice to evil or sin, lure (someone) from God's law; be alluring or seductive," from Old French tempter (12c.), from Latin temptare "to feel, try out, attempt to influence, test," a variant of tentare "handle, touch, try, test." The Latin alteration is "explainable only as an ancient error due to some confusion" [Century Dictionary]. From late 14c. as "to provoke, defy" (God, fate, etc.). Related: Tempted; tempting.

The tempter came even for Jesus. The tempter came especially for Jesus. How did that go? Just like Israel had gone through the Red Sea to be tempted in the wilderness, now Jesus goes from his baptism in the Jordan to be tempted in the wilderness. Israel was in the wilderness for forty years; Jesus, for forty days. Israel was always worried and anxious about whether they would have enough food, if God had brought them out there to die. Jesus goes fasting, and he becomes hungry. Jesus is replaying the experience of Israel. 041b061a72

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