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The Goons are the newest bosses in Escape From Tarkov, and they're equal parts awesome and horrifying. They're made up of three special forces soldiers, all of which boast a different loadout and attributes. Firstly, there's Knight, a skull-wearing terror with 1,120 HP and the unnerving ability to kill everything in one shot. Then, there's Birdeye, a crack sniper with a penchant for sitting back from the action. Finally, there's Big Pipe, a bearded, hulking individual who favors a revolving grenade launcher...

Escape From Tarkov Crack Reddit

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On the elevator ride down, Alex confesses the truth of Toby's murder. Zee, the boy from the courtroom remarks that he'd also been framed for a murder he hadn't committed. The other two boys in the car admit they'd been framed as well, one introducing himself as Jimmy while the other only saying that he'd been framed for his sister's murder. The boys all are incredulous that they'd all been falsely accused of murder, and Alex, Zee and Jimmy make a pact to escape together and find out the truth of what's happened.

The two make their way down to the trough room, Donovan once again back to an air of hard indifference. In the trough room, Donovan and Alex pick at a table to eat dinner and are shortly joined by Zee. Alex introduces the two to each other, then proceed shoot questions to Donovan about the idea of escape. Donovan answers that the prison's layout only goes further down into the infirmary, the storage tunnels, warden's offices and for the hole (solitary confinement). Donovan himself had been down in solitary for three days for a fight. He talks about how there was no food or light and that the only water was the condensation from the walls. He reiterates that there's no point in trying to escape the prison, and to be cautious about who to talk to about escape and avoid getting into trouble.

In the morning, Donovan refuses to speak to Alex, furious from last night's events. During hard labour, despite being posted together Donovan positions himself to be as far away from Alex as possible, and returnes to his cell by himself after work. Alex meets up with Zee in the yard and discusses the events of the previous nights. Zee theorised that the prison is using its inmates for human experimentation, much like the Nazi Party and Japanese army did in the WWII. Alex is doubtful, but agrees that nobody on the outside seemed to know what was actually happening in the prison. Alex changes the subject to escape, sure that there is a way out. Alex presses Zee for information on Room Two in the chipping halls, who says that he heard there was a cave-in in that room months ago, and that thirty inmates had died in the room. It's Zee's turn to be doubtful, but Alex is adamant about checking it out the next time he can.

The morning afterwards, Donovan wakes up Alex and calms him down from a panic attack. When asked about why Monty was brought back, Donovan confesses that this wasn't the first time somebody was brought back. The first couple of times somebody had been returned, Donovan wasn't able to tell what the creatures were until one night in which he recognised the tattoos on one of the creatures. Alex takes the chance to convince Donovan once more about escape. Donovan concedes and admits it would be better to die in the escape than become one of the warden's creatures.

Now accepting the possibility of escape, Donovan begins to help out with Alex's plan. He distracts the guard in Room Three, while Alex and Zee sneak into Room Two. Inside Room Two Zee figures out the source of the growling Alex had previously heard. They discover that the cave-in did crack a huge rift in the hall, but that the rift was not wide enough to jump into. Alex and Zee return, bearing the bad news that the river is too small to get into.

Alex's spirals into a depression, now convinced that his one way out was no longer an option. Donovan and Zee continued to speculate the different ways to get into the river by themselves when Alex refuses to cooperate. A couple weeks later, Donovan tries to initiate conversation with Alex again, hurt and angered by the fact Alex had completely given up. He then slaps Alex with a meat filled rubber glove, which unintentionally triggers a plan in Alex's head of using gas filled rubber gloves to blow up the rift. After the two apologise and make up, Alex and Donovan each smuggle a few gas filled gloves from the kitchen and hide them underneath Alex's mattress, then run off to tell Zee about their new plan. Alex, Donovan and Zee make a pact between the three of them to escape, sworn to secrecy. Only minutes later however, Alex spills the escape plan in order to stop the new kids - Ashley and Toby - from killing themselves. Toby agrees to help and Ashley still jumps but attempts to take Toby down with him. Donovan and Zee reluctantly help pull Toby over the railing but not before Alex punches Ashley off of him, killing the boy.

Donovan and Alex inform Zee and Toby about the fight, Alex making the three promise that their plan continued on regardless whether or not Alex makes the fight. When the Skulls came pick Alex up, Donovan accompanies Alex to the gym. In the gym, Gary calls over the Skulls Alex initially fought in the trough room weeks ago. When it's clear that Alex is about to lose, as a last resort, Donovan pleads with Gary and lets him in on the escape plan in exchange for saving Alex's life. Gary complies and breaks up the fight. Alex is dragged away from the gym and up back into his cell by Donovan, Zee and Toby. When Alex reveals that Donovan had dragged Gary into the plan, tension among the group arose as Donovan defended what he had to do to keep Alex alive.

Alex considers Zee his 'best mate' in Furnace and after they escape. They first met after their trials when Zee attempted to fight and run from his bailiffs. Zee's personality melds well with Alex's, with Zee's rash, passionate optimism fueling Alex to be a good person and saving him from falling to the 'evil side' many times throughout the series. They aren't afraid to stand up to each other honestly, regardless of the hurt that may come with.

Donovan is Alex's cellmate. In the beginning of Lockdown, Donovan is adamant that he wasn't Alex's guardian angel, nor was it a good idea to be friends. This belief ultimately backfires as they grow closer as friends throughout the story, Donovan even admitting near the end of Lockdown that Alex made him "a sentimental old fool." This isn't to say that it was smooth sailing from the start. Donovan calls Alex out for getting out of bed in a blood watch and potentially leading a wheezer to their cell, and during Alex's depression he literally slaps the sense back into Alex with a meat filled rubber glove (which became the basis for their escape plan).

After saving Alex from solitary confinement, he, Alex, and Zee form a band of friends who tries to escape Furnace, again. At first Alex is a little fearful and suspicious of Simon, thinking that if something terrible went down, Simon would take everyone he could down with them. Simon himself initially contacts Alex just because he needed him to help plan an escape route down from the lower levels of the prison. On a rocky road of a friendship, they eventually began to trust each other more and more often. After Alex's blacksuit transformation, Simon is the one who guides and grounds Alex to reality to overcome the nectar's influence.

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