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Ghosts Of War SUB-ITA

As Templar abandons his exfil to help Vagr Modir, Ghost arrives with reinforcements, and as Templar confirms that Stansfield is dead, Ghost asks if he obtained the DSM. Templar confirms, and Ghost pulls a pistol on Templar and Vagr, instantly killing Vagr and briefly incapacitating Templar by shooting him in his helmet. He then pulls the DSM off Templar and hands it to Shepherd, who comments "Good job, kid." As Shepherd boards the Osprey, Ghost surveys the area behind him, seeing all of the corpses left in the wake of the battle. As he walks back towards the Osprey, he thinks to himself that Templar was right, and that "There's nothing here but ghosts."

Ghosts of War SUB-ITA

In this supernatural detective-thriller, an eccentric pastor (played by Squid Game's Lee Jung-Jae) is hired to investigate a mysterious cult called "Deer Mountain." When he crosses paths with a detective looking into the murder of a young girl, they team up, and go down a path filled with ghosts and demons.

Morro soon arrived at a hill overlooking Stiix and summoned Soul Archer to aid him in his quest, as Lloyd was beginning to fight his possession. The two descended into the city and confronted Ronin at his shop. Unfortunately for Morro, the ninja arrived and Morro ordered Soul Archer to hide so they could locate the scroll. Once the ninja succeeded, Morro summoned several more ghosts and chased after Ronin, eventually claiming the Airjitzu scroll. He, in turn, was pursued by Kai though he used Airjitzu to ascend into the air where he summoned his Elemental Dragon and escaped.

Yet, before they could take one of the mechs, the ghosts were ambushed by Nya in her Samurai Mech. While she was unable to damage the ghosts, the samurai succeeded in destroying the Allied Armor, thus destroying the way for Morro to summon reinforcements. Ghoultar quickly possessed the mech, turning it into his own verison of the mech, and the ghosts chased Nya and Ronin from the cave. Unfortunately, it soon began to rain and the Master of Wind summoned his Elemental Dragon to head to the Wailing Alps.

Morro used the Samurai Mech to ascend the Wailing Alps, though at the same time Lloyd was growing stronger and fighting his possession. Upon realizing they were being followed by the ninja, Morro was encouraged to abandon Lloyd's body by his companions, though the Master of Wind reminded them that only a Spinjitzu Master could find the tomb. He did, however, allow Bansha to create an avalanche, and the ghosts continued their ascent.

As they neared the Hanging Temple, the ghosts discovered that the ninja had survived the avalanche and were climbing even faster. Morro abandoned the mech and ordered his allies to stop them while he continued climbing. Yet, even after calming the winds that plagued the mountain, Morro failed in reaching the Blind Man's Eye.

Whilst Renzo and Kenzo explain the effects of Two Moon Tea to Garmadon, saying that the tea can the temporarily enhance the power of beings from other realms, Morro in possession of Lloyd's body is visualized as an example for ghosts.[8]

Galvatron II stole the Creation Matrix in his native universe and carried it with him to another reality, where its power allowed him to endure as a ghost when his body was destroyed. Unfortunately, it also made him a target of Grand Scourge, who, as a Matrix Hunter, could manhandle even ghosts if they were in possession of a Matrix. While Scourge was fighting Galvatron for the Creation Matrix, both of them were knocked into a rift in space-time by Megaempress, and the Matrix disappeared along with them to places unknown. Ruination Chapter, Part Two 041b061a72

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