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Ffvcl Delphi Ffmpeg Vcl Components Crack

FFVCL - Delphi FFmpeg VCL Components

FFVCL is a suite of native VCL components for Delphi that wrap the FFmpeg libraries, which are widely used for audio and video processing. FFVCL provides a powerful and easy way to encode and decode audio and video files, as well as play them in various formats. FFVCL is more flexible and more powerful than the official FFmpeg command line interface.

Download Zip:

Features of FFVCL

  • Supports Delphi 6 to Delphi 11 Alexandria, as well as FireMonkey for Windows and macOS.

  • Supports Win32 and Win64 platforms.

  • Based on the latest version of FFmpeg (6.0.x as of April 2023).

  • Supports Intel QSV for hardware-accelerated encoding.

  • Supports multiple instances of the encoder and player components.

  • Supports a wide range of formats, protocols, codecs, and filters.

  • Provides a rich set of options for encoding and playing, almost compatible with the ffmpeg command line parameters.

  • Provides events and callbacks for monitoring the encoding and playing progress and status.

  • Provides demos and documentation for easy learning and usage.

Download and Purchase FFVCL

You can download the trial edition of FFVCL from [here]. The trial edition includes the encoder and player components, as well as some demo applications with source code. The trial edition has some limitations, such as a watermark on the output video, a time limit on the playing duration, and a nag screen on startup.

If you want to use FFVCL without any limitations, you can purchase the pro edition from [here]. The pro edition costs $299 for a single developer license, which includes free updates for one year. You can also purchase a site license or an enterprise license for multiple developers or unlimited developers, respectively.

Learn More about FFVCL

If you want to learn more about FFVCL, you can visit the official website [here]. You can also read the [what's new] page to see the latest changes and improvements of FFVCL. You can also contact the developer by email or by using the online form [here] if you have any questions or suggestions.

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