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Download Mod Bus Rosalia Indah

Mod Bus Rosalia Indah: A Guide for Bus Simulator Indonesia Players

Bus Simulator Indonesia (BUSSID) is a popular game that allows players to experience the thrill of driving a bus in various locations and scenarios. One of the features that makes BUSSID more enjoyable is the ability to use mods, which are custom-made modifications that change the appearance and performance of the buses in the game. Mods can be downloaded from various sources and installed in the game using a simple process.

One of the most sought-after mods in BUSSID is the mod bus rosalia indah, which is based on the real-life bus company Rosalia Indah Transport. Rosalia Indah is a well-known bus operator in Indonesia that provides intercity and interprovincial transportation services, as well as tourism services. Rosalia Indah was founded in 1983 by Yustinus Soeroso and Yustina Rahyuni Soeroso, and is based in Palur, Jaten, Karanganyar, Central Java. The name Rosalia is believed to be inspired by the name of their daughter.

Download Zip:

The mod bus rosalia indah features various models and designs of buses that are used by Rosalia Indah in real life, such as HD, MHD, SHD, SDD, XHD, UHD, Volvo, Scania, and Tronton. The mod bus rosalia indah also comes with different liveries, which are the color schemes and logos that decorate the buses. The liveries are usually based on the original Rosalia Indah liveries, but some of them are also modified or customized by the mod creators or designers.

How to Download and Install Mod Bus Rosalia Indah

To download and install mod bus rosalia indah in BUSSID, you need to follow these steps:

  • Find a reliable source that provides mod bus rosalia indah files. You can search on the web or use some of the links provided below . Make sure that the mod files are compatible with your version of BUSSID and that they are free from viruses or malware.

  • Download the mod bus rosalia indah files to your device. The files are usually in ZIP or RAR format, so you may need to extract them using an app like WinRAR or ZArchiver.

  • Open the BUSSID app and go to the Garage menu. Tap on the Vehicle menu and select Import. You will see a list of folders that contain your downloaded mod files. Tap on the folder that contains the mod bus rosalia indah files and select the file that you want to import. You will see a preview of the mod bus on the screen. Tap on Use to apply the mod bus to your game.

  • If you want to change the livery of your mod bus, go back to the Garage menu and tap on Livery. You will see a list of available liveries for your mod bus. Tap on the livery that you want to use and tap on Apply.

  • You can now enjoy driving your mod bus rosalia indah in BUSSID.

Tips and Tricks for Using Mod Bus Rosalia Indah

Here are some tips and tricks for using mod bus rosalia indah in BUSSID:

  • Choose a mod bus that suits your preference and style. There are many types of mod buses available, such as HDD, HD, SHD, UHD, Tronton, etc. Each type has different characteristics, such as size, speed, handling, fuel consumption, etc. You can try different types of mod buses to find out which one you like best.

  • Choose a livery that matches your mod bus. There are many liveries available for mod bus rosalia indah, such as original, modified, or custom-made liveries. Some liveries may look better on certain types of mod buses than others. You can experiment with different liveries to find out which one looks best on your mod bus.

  • Be careful when driving your mod bus. Some mod buses may have higher speed or lower stability than the default buses in BUSSID. This means that you need to be more cautious when driving your mod bus, especially on curves, slopes, or traffic jams. You don't want to crash your mod bus or damage it.

  • Have fun with your mod bus. Mod bus rosalia indah is a great way to enhance your BUSSID experience and enjoy the game more. You can drive your mod bus on various routes and scenarios, such as city, village, mountain, highway, etc. You can also take screenshots or videos of your mod bus and share them with your friends or other BUSSID players.


Mod bus rosalia indah is one of the most popular mods in BUSSID that allows players to drive buses that are based on the real-life bus company Rosalia Indah Transport. Mod bus rosalia indah features various models and designs of buses, as well as different liveries. Mod bus rosalia indah can be downloaded and installed in BUSSID using a simple process. Mod bus rosalia indah can also provide more fun and excitement to BUSSID players who want to try something new and different in the game.


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