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We loved each other very much and our relationship lasted almost 23 years. As a memorial tribute, I bought an Easter lily to be placed in my church on Easter Sunday. The purchase was made through a lady at church, and I wrote his name in the space provided for the memorial.

lily sincere

I wanted to say I'm terribly sorry for using offensive language before my now one month long ban. I was about to be permabanned, I was indeed permabanned for stating my opinions in an - admittedly - potentially inflammatory way, so I took the hit. I asked for being allowed with my real name on the Eternal subreddit. The worried, alarmed and angry moderator(s), it was one (was it Singaporean Guy? Could be) decided to give me another chance. I was banned for one month, I am back now. I sincerely apologize for my emotional unstableness. I won't go into detail. I apologize for my foul language. I will try to be rational, civil and objective in my contributions and comments on this forum. In the past, as a young boy and as an adolescent, I always have been or have tried - to be kind, helping and polite, so I wasn't happy about the way I was treated here for being passionate in my discussion, where I really did use very offensive language in the beginning of these... situations. Well, I promise I will not be anymore. I will focus on the facts and politeness. And I am well aware that further transgressions will lead to immediate ostracization (exile, ban). And it will be forever. Please do not say I'm trying to put the blame where it doesn't belong, because the moderators have been so civil and understanding as concerns my bursts of temper, my flares of anger. So let's leave it at that.

On behalf of my co-authors, we here express our sincere gratitude for your valuable comments on our manuscript ijms-769547. We all think that these comments are very valuable and helpful for revising and improving our paper, as well as the important guiding significance to our research. We have studied comments carefully and have made corrections which we hope meet with approval. The revised parts are marked with revision mode in the manuscripts.

Response: Thanks for your valuable comments. In this manuscript, we mainly focused on the role of sucrose signaling during the bulb vernalization and flower bud differentiation in lily and the genes co-expression network between SUT gene and carbohydrate metabolic related genes and flower related genes. The result showed that the transgenic plant of SUT gene flowered earlier than the wild type, which suggesting the signal function of sucrose. We all do think that the conditions of growth and development of plants have a considerable influence on the visible and non-visible processes and we really appreciate for your valuable suggestions. They are absolutely helpful for us to further study the development of lily and other plants. In spite of the importance of figure out the development mechanism, it is not our main purpose in the present study. Therefore, after comprehensive consideration and carefully discussion , we decide not to put this in our discussion of results.

Response: Thanks for your valuable comments. This sentence means that most studies on the mechanism of lily bulb vernalization focused on temperature, light, hormones etc., and there is less focus on the metabolism of carbohydrate in the process, even if there is, are mainly concentrated on physiology like determination of sugar content, while the molecular mechanism needs to be further studied (line 79-84). We have revised it carefully according to your suggestion and we will pay more attention to our written English in our further study.

Response: Thanks for your valuable comments. As we have discussed in Comment 1, there are two focus in this paper, one is to figure out the function of carbohydrate metabolism genes in vernalization and the other one is to identify the molecular regulation of the key gene (SUT) flowering development of lily bulb. Since we have changed the title, we think it makes sense to represent INV genes as an example. Moreover, the INV genes, of which had both sequences not meeting the requirements and fully compliant to the requirements (line 101) could represent the gene identification process better. In addition, according to you comment, the detailed data related to the 70 sequences were listed. As some information (like gene name and contig ID) of the 70 sequences has already represented in Figure 1 and there are too much pages in the table, the detailed data related to the genes are placed in the Supplementary Table 1 but not in the main text.

His obvious sincere integrity, unfailing good humor and natural wit made him a unique catalyst for harmonious settlement of divergent opinion. The same attributes made him successful in motivating people to accomplish projects that they never intended to undertake. The flow of tasks was never one-sided. No one ever asked John for help or cooperation that it was not received. No job was to difficult for him to complete for a friend and assistance was usually offered before it was asked. 041b061a72

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