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O&O Defrag Professional Review: Features, Benefits, System Requirements, and More

The new beta builds and drivers will help improve CPU throttling for gaming laptops, a feature already present in our high-performance graphics-oriented laptops. In addition, we've made other improvements such as with our performance scalers. The specific improvements include:

O O Defrag Professional v19.0 Build 87 (x86 x64) Retail Incl License Key

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  • Redesigned performance scalers that will use several CPU cores for additional processing. This results in higher performance as well as better battery life in laptops.

  • Reduced CPU throttling in gaming laptops under load.

  • Improved (optional) power management capabilities for many AMD Radeon R9 graphics cards that work with our new drivers.

PerfectDisk offers the most comprehensive solution for defragmentation by optimizing virtually every file on the system, including the Master File Table (MFT), most NTFS metadata files, paging files, directories, and datafiles, and completely consolidating free space. And it does it all in a single pass. There's also a Selected Files Defrag option that is useful for defragmenting very large files such as video files, rather than defragmenting the entire drive.

A complete solution for Windows system defragmentation, PerfectDisk Professional defragment all file systems and clean unused space: MFT, metadata, paging files, directories and data files, free space, unallocated space, to improve system performance. By a single pass, a single defragmentation. In addition, PerfectDisk Professional includes Full scan, the user can select the entire file systems. After defragmentation, the user can check the space usage before and after defragmentation, and the defragment results is recorded automatically.

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