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The Roots

I was born and raised in central iowa. small school, small town. After high school I went to a community college, then transferred to a university. after 2 years I dropped out, unable to afford it and unable to organize my priorities. I worked different jobs from customer service to agriculture to insurance. I'm very creative and always liked the idea of graphic design and marketing, which is what I do today, and also, recently decided to return to school for marketing.


I am a bit of a mutt, I like everything. I love the country and would love to have an acreage someday, but also enjoy the easy to and from of town living. My favorite color is constantly changing, I always have new ideas, and I love a good soundtrack. 

I have 2 cats, Lenyx, a chunky white and orange and Turkey, an all white. I have dreams of getting another cat once Lenyx is gone and name it Pigeon. I have one dog, Stelly, a bichon mix. Someday I will get her a doggy DNA kit to see what else she's got going on in there. I love large fluffy dogs but my house cannot handle one of those. I hope if one day I own an acreage I can have a white German Shepherd or a Wolfdog, lots of horses, and a mini donkey.

I created this blog and website because I have a lot to say, and as we are currently seeing a lot less of people, do not have many to share it with, and thought I would give my other half a break ;)

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